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If you are using Viperr 7, please install the new version. Viperr 7 have no more support

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Viperr GNU/Linux
Viperr 09 (Vipera Dagon)


Viperr aims to merge CrunchBang qualities with a Fedora® base benefits.
So there is a lightweight, useful, simple, and original liveMEDIA, with brand new but stable software.

Screenshot Viperr

Viperr Project: created by DarthWound, maintained by Penthium2 and Azgarech, hosted by Coyotus and V-technologies.

Viperr Fedora Remix include modified non-official content and is not supported by the Fedora Project or Red Hat. You can get an official Fedora version here:

Installed applications

  • Terminal: Terminator
  • Files manager: Thunar
  • Internet browser: Firefox
  • Emails: Thunderbird
  • Jabber: Pidgin
  • Torrent: Transmission
  • Ftp/SSH: Gftp and Gigolo
  • Multimedia player: VLC
  • Calendar: Orage
  • Word processor: Abiword
  • Graphics: Gimp
  • Text editor: Geany
  • Packages manager: dnf
  • Pytyle: in order to have nice tiling behavior.
  • Appfinder: lists all the installed apps.
  • Some useful tools for Openbox and other tasks.
  • RPM Fusion free and non free for mp3, avi, etc... support.
  • A post-installation script for LibreOffice, printing support, Flash, chrome, etc...
  • A lot more.


Use direct link or the Mirror website.

Viperr 09 (Vipera Dagon) (f24)- August 15nd 2016
WorldWide edition

Download link - SHA256 - Size: 1.1GB

Download link - SHA256 - Size: 1.2GB

Viperr 08 (Vipera Azathoth) (f23)- December 24nd 2015
WorldWide edition

Download link - SHA256 - Size: 1.2GB

Download link - SHA256 - Size: 1.2GB

Thanks to...

Viperr exists thanks to these projects:

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Donations via Paypal help the Viperr project.